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Every day I am struck by the many relationships we humans have - from the earth to other humans, memories and families and what is happening right now. Having grown up in a rural farming village I was imbued with a love of the dirt and what it could produce, be it animals, vegetables, flowers, trees, lakes and streams. My father was a man of the earth and I carry his torch of passion for Mother Earth. Woven through my meanderings is a deep love of music, My mother and I played classical piano and I played cello and percussion. I immersed myself in rock 'n roll all through my high achool and college years. I see music in nature, themes, chords, measures and sounds. I have had spiritual experiences in nature, from encounters with menacing whitewater canoeing to a prolonged ethereal encounter with a hummingbird. So nature is my camera lens in these musings about humans, and flora and fauna. They all are beautiful music to my ears.