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Family & Photos
The pets in our life. They are not human, but active, vital souls in our daily existence and well-being.
Bonnie & Cher - 1993-2007
The Most Beautiful Angel in My Life
Family members, young and old.
Susie McLaughlin
Young Samantha Pierce
Young Zoe Pierce
Family Gathering - Lower left clockwise - Lila Pierce, Sara Pierce, Michael Pierce, Sam Pierce, Mandy Hemmelgarn, Sarah Pierce, Micah Hemmelgarn, David, Sheila, Sabrina Pierce
Sharon & Chris
Nino Helen with Michael and the twins, Mark and Sharon
Grandpa Russell with Michael and the twins, Mark and Sharon
Michael and "his" tractor in Limestone, ME
Sheila and her "babes"
Michael and "Papa" Rod
Sheila & Rod with the kids
Mark, Mike, and Sharon
Sara with Lila & Zoe
The Four Mooney Siblings - Jim, Rich, Pat, Dave
Karen & Rich
Niece Kerry (Mooney) Finney & newborn Mikayla
Susan & Jules
East Beach in Charlestown - Jan 1, 2001
Cousins Liz Kennedy and Anna Morris
Our neighbors - Dee & Sally
Brothers in Arms at Belgrade Lakes
Rich, Jamyn & kids at Belgrade Lakes
Anna and Margaret at "Johnson's Farm"
First blizzard in our new home (2004)
Sheila & Dave at Webster's in Maine
Asian Lily
Bessie, our very old Geranium